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Security Trained – Door Supervisor Course Booking & Advice.

We provide advice & support to anyone wanting to start a career as a door supervisor in the UK. Our blog is filled with information about how to get started including; real life testimonies from people already working in the security industry.

We list door supervisor courses which are carefully picked to include; only the best quality training providers with highly experienced tutors to ensure you get the best possible training. It’s very important that you are trained to a level where you can confidently carry out your duties. Backed up with the essential skills you only get from a well educated tutor.

How do we work?

When you contact us about course bookings, we send your details to the training provider. The provider will then contact you directly either; by phone or email, if you have questions before booking such as; SIA licensing, criminal records check, right to work in the UK etc. contact us anytime we are open 24/7 and will get back to you usually well within 24 hours. Use our contact form here include your name, location (if interested in booking a course) and any questions.

Whats in it for us?

If you book a course through us we get a commission from the training provider, the prices here are exactly the same as you would pay through them directly and not a penny more. They’re happy to give us our commission as it cuts down on their time answering general questions and their costs marketing their businesses online.

A 3D digital figure of someone thinking about booking a door supervisor course in the United Kingdom.

What does a Door Supervisor do?

To work in the UK security industry as a Door Supervisor you will need to Gain an SIA licence. Door Supervisors can be found working in nightclubs, pubs & live events around the United Kingdom.

To start with, the vast majority of door supervisors work on a part time basis, typically working a couple of shifts per week with Fridays and Saturdays being the busiest nights. Shifts are generally 4 to 6 hours long but with 24 hour licensing they can be up to 10 hours.

Although some door supervisors are employed directly by the venue that they work in the vast majority work for agencies (i.e. security companies). This means that they will generally work at the same venue as part of a regular team. From time to time they may be asked to work at a different venue depending on the requirements of the agency.

Some agencies will pay their staff “through the books” (i.e. deducting tax and National Insurance) whereas others will be engaged on a self-employed basis. This means that the door supervisor will be responsible for paying their own tax and National Insurance. They may also need to take out their own personal insurance policy.

A Door Supervisor’s Role

The roles vary depending on whether they are working at the entrance of the venue or inside it. When working ‘on the door’ the principal duties are to greet customers and to ensure that national laws (e.g. no under 18’s) and house rules (e.g. dress code) are complied with. At clubs and peak periods at some pubs there may also be a need for the management of queues. Door supervisors will also ensure that potential trouble makers are not allowed to enter the venue.

When working within the premises they spend most of their time discretely monitoring customers to ensure that any problems are addressed before they might escalate into more serious conflict situations. They will also be required to deal with any issues which may flare up without warning and will be responsible for alerting the venue management to any drug usage or dealing. Their role also extends to escorting unruly or drunken customers.

Finding Work

Companies who supply door supervisors will not consider employing you until you are in possession of the actual SIA licence. This is because the Licensing act of 2003 states that they must at all times whilst on duty wear their SIA badge on the outside of the clothing with the photograph clearly displayed. However there is nothing stopping you from introducing yourself to them as they may be interested in employing you for when your licence arrives, particularly if you have good customer and communication skills.

Note – An SIA licence will also enable you to work as a Security Guard and in Event Security such as at the many music festivals that take place during the summer months.

What You Will Learn

The Door Supervisor course is split into 4 modules/units and take place over 4 days.

Day 1: Working in the Private Security Industry.
You will learn; the legalities associated with working in the industry, fire safety procedures, health & safety guidelines for security personnel, emergency practices and procedures and how to communicate with and take care of the public.
Day 2: Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry
You will learn; the standards of behaviour expected of you, criminal & civil law, how to and when to search, the power of arrest, how to spot drugs and criminal activity, writing reports of incidents and how to preserve a crime scene and the laws on licensing.
Day 3: Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry.
You will learn; the best ways to avoid conflict situations to reduce the risk of personal or public injury, how to resolve & alleviate conflicts, how to communicate effectively in a conflict situation.
Day 4: Physical Intervention Skills within the Private Security Industry.
You will learn; essential skills for physical intervention, how to use reasonable force to detain a member of the public and your rights, legalities as a door supervisor.

The Exam

a figure of a door supervisor after finishing their exam

On day 4 you will take an exam with multiple choice questions along with a practical assessment. The questions usually involve “common sense” answers, these questions would have been covered over the course of the training. After the exam has been successfully completed an application for a SIA licence can be made. The application can take 1 – 2 months and “at the time of writing this” costs £220 for 3 years.

If have any questions contact us using the form here. Or you can find more articles posted on our blog