Working as a Door Supervisor? | We pay for your stories!

Have you had some experience working as a door supervisor?

If so, we will pay you for your stories! We will pay £1 per 100 words at a minimum of 500 that’s £5 and up to 1000 words £10. If you want to add more than one story that’s fine so long as it’s different from any other you’ve previously submitted. Your story will be published on our website blog with a link to a social profile of your choice.

Not good at writing?

Nor am I, that’s fine I will go through your submitted stories and edit for grammar & spelling mistakes, I would much rather you concentrate on writing from the heart (please no racist, foul language).

What can you write about?

I would much prefer positive stories where for instance; you managed to calm a situation which was getting up of control, interesting people you have met etc. Really not interested in stories about how you and your buddy kicked the **** out of some **** one night.

Why am I offering this?

To be perfectly honest the blog is looking very thin on content and to encourage more visitors we need more. Nothing better for a potential door supervisor than to read real life stories about what it’s like working the doors.

How do I get paid?

Payments will be made via PayPal.

What are the rules?

Your stories must be your content and written by you, no copy/paste stories you found somewhere online (I can check). They must make sense in English, if your not a native English writer please only submit if your very good with written English. I will only pay for stories which are published on this website, if you would like your social media profile added to the footer say so in the form. If I decide not to publish your story it will be deleted, you will be notified as to why and no payments will be made. The story must be 500-1000 words, if more than 1000 we may pay more depending on the quality of the story we will contact you first before publishing on the website.

Fill out the form below will much details as you can and we will respond within 24 hours.

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