A Door Supervisor job description

door supervisor job description

Job Responsibilities

A Door supervisor’s main responsibilities are for their customer’s security & safety in places such as; live events, casinos, nightclubs & bars.

Most of their time is spent on the entrance of the premises checking customers.

Making sure they are not carrying anything harmful like drugs or weapons and their ID cards if they look underage.

Some venues or events have a dress code. Its the door supervisor’s job to make sure the dress code is enforced.

They have authority to withhold entry to any customer they think might be unsuitable to enter.

Other associated duties might include:

  • Writing reports of any incidents that take place
  • Checking customer’s ticket
  • Patrolling while observing customers conduct & resolving any conflicts
  • Using reasonable force to escort customers from the premises, if needed
  • Taking care of emergency situations, fire safety, first aid

Door supervisors normally work within a team of two. This varies depending on the capacity of the premises.

They need to be in constant communication with other staff members including bar staff, premises management (usually using radio equipment).

They need to have a good relationship and work closely with emergency teams including the police, paramedics.

Working Hours

There are no standard hours for a door supervisor, they depend on the premises’s opening hours and how many shifts they do.

Most work part-time in the evenings over the weekends. It’s common for them to take extra part-time jobs as well.

There are full-time opportunity’s with some door supervisors working full-time 5-6 days a week.

They usually get paid at an hourly rate which varies from £9 – £13 per hour.

Inexperienced employees working a full-time shift could earn £18000 a year. Someone with work experience could bring home up to £30000.

Working Environments

This varies depending on the premises, in most cases they spend a great deal of their time on their feet at the entrance to the premises in all seasons and weather conditions.

This is usually collated with patrolling the buildings interior which is often busy, dark, loud and slippery.

They may be at risk of injury from physical assault, it’s incredibility important they make sure they have the correct training.

Physical intervention and self defence techniques are very helpful. A uniform, high visibility jacket and SIA licence badge are all usually required.

How To Get Started

The UK security industry is huge with over half a million people employed. It’s an expanding industry in today’s climate as security is becoming a huge factor for entertainment business owners.

To work in the UK as a door supervisor you must first gain an SIA licence obtainable by the Security Industry Authority.

There are way over a hundred thousand licensed employees in the UK mainly employed by security agencies who have a contract with the premises.

Vacancies are easy to find in local job centres, news papers, online classifieds and via security agents.

Course And Training

To apply for an SIA door supervisor licence, candidates must;

  • Be over the age of 18
  • Pass a criminal history CRB & Identification check
  • Possess a Level 2 award in door supervision (SIA approved)

Entry requirements; no prior qualifications, skills needed.

Having a criminal record is not always an instant refusal, the SIA considers each cases for how serious the offence, how long ago and whether it’s relevant to your role.

The course is run over a four-days with content on how to effectively carry out your duties as a door supervisor. Including; responsibilities, UK law, conflict management , physical intervention.

After completing this course candidates will sit an exam which takes around 2 hours. After completion of the exam the candidate can apply for their licence at a cost of £220.

The licence will need renewing every 3 years.

It should take 1 month for a licence to arrive in the post. Incorrect or missing information on applicants forms will slow down the process a great deal.

You can find a more in depth description of a door supervisor course see our main home page.

To get more information on the SIA including applying for your SIA licence go to the official website here: https://www.sia.homeoffice.gov.uk/