Door Supervisors | Help prevent a terrorist attack

After the recent tragic events in Manchester the United Kingdom’s threat level of terrorism has risen to it’s highest level of Critical which means a terrorist attack could be imminent, to practising door supervisors this could be a worrying thought. Don’t be mislead by the media though the odds on you getting caught up in such events is extremely unlikely that being said, the importance of your ability to foresee a potential threat and you taking up-skill training has increased. You need to be vigilant at all times and know who to contact if you suspect anything sinister such as the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321

Here are some pointers for anyone working in the UK security industry.

  • Be wary of odd behaviour, potential terrorists will usually look out of place not by the way they’re dressed or colour of their skin but, how they behave they may look nervous, distracted just trust your gut feeling if it’s odd report it.
  • Always check for people scouting around the perimeter of your premises, if they are taking photos, notes or measuring it’s a cause for concern and should be investigated. Could be completely innocent but, best to be safe and I’m sure the person would be happy to know someone is doing their due diligence.
  • Are you being ask questions about the premise, are they asking questions about shifts, CCTV etc they may dress it up by pretending to take an interest in your role as a door supervisor. Don’t take it at face value it could be a way to gain information for a terrorist attack.
  • Check all security equipment for defects and functionality, you don’t want to be caught short in an emergency situation! Is the CCTV operational are the areas they do not cover, are your emergency contacts up to date.
  • One thing you may come across quite frequently is unattended bags, you have to take extreme caution while dealing with this, if it seems suspicious report it as it could be an explosive, do not attempt to open or move the package yourself! Never go against your instincts, always better to be safe than sorry.
  • Cars can be another threat, report if they seem unattended, abandoned & suspicious in any way.
  • Keep a close eye on peoples ID cards check for forged, stolen or edited cards.

Try to stay open minded and alert at all times, if your focused on a race or group of people you might miss a real threat, they could be any race, nationality. Always stay alert and report anything suspicious straight away, don’t’ delay!

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Watch the following video to get some extremely useful information on staying safe while working in security:

More information on the UK’s terrosit threat level can be found here: