Door Supervisor | Mock Tests

Door supervisor mock test videos

Below are some door supervisor mock test slideshow videos. These videos consist of example multiple choice questions which might be asked during the door supervisor course exam. These are just mock tests the questions you get during the actual test might be different.

The first part of the video goes through each question have a pen & paper ready to take down your answers in the following format Q1 = A, Q2 = D etc. Once all the questions have been asked the video will go through each answer showing the correct choice by a highlighted green bar.

I have added these videos to YouTube with some relaxing music to help calm you while going through these tests if you would prefer no music check out the videos below, try to stay away from any distractions while going through these videos. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, get some questions wrong that’s the whole point to see areas where you need to improve.

Please don’t cheat by going to Google and finding the answers as that’s just a complete waste of time. Instead once you have completed the test and got some questions incorrect by all means go to Google and find out the correct answer, this is a great way to learn!

If after going through these videos you have some questions you can either use the comment form below or contact us using our contact form. Note: I realised that the answers could have passed more quickly you can solve this by speeding up the video this option is in the video’s settings and if things are going too fast you can always paused the video.

If you would rather view these questions at your own pace see for an image slideshow version.

Working in the Private Security Industry

Questions about;

  • the law associated with the security industry
  • best practices on dealing with the public
  • health and safety procedures for security staff
  • what to do in an emergency situation and fire safety & awareness

Working as a Door Supervisor

Questions about;

  • the civil and criminal law in the UK
  • personal searches and when to do them
  • what powers do you have to arrest someone
  • best ways to deal with crime and drugs
  • reporting of incidents, ways to secure a crime scene

Conflict Management

Questions about;

  • communication tactics in high stress or conflict situations
  • techniques for avoiding conflict